Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Is Germany fed-up with Greek intransigence?

The new Greek governing Party, Syriza,  is rapidly moving
into a minefield and down a road of no return. Just when you think could not possibly get worse for Greece, the country propels itself head on to the edge of economic default and total financial ruin, brought onto itself following decades of uncontrolled spending and a ruinous approach to financial governance. Greece is now is making additional strategic blunders by turning against their allies in the European Union and NATO, invoking German war crimes of 70 years ago and demanding 'war' reparations, planning for wholesale debt-write-offs, and threatening the NATO alliance with overtures to Russia.

It will come as little surprise if Germany throw in the towel and let Greece exit from the EU, and in fact, this scenario has probably already been build into German planning. Germany does not need Greece, but the same cannot be said for Greece.